Hello there, the reason we are recruiting is because we would like players to get involved with one another in terms of team games, clan wars, chill and have good times/etc.

Here are a list of the requirements for our clan:

Must be:
- above 1.0 win-loss ratio in your best ladder
- active
- respectable
- skilled (not determined by rate)
- team player with decent communication skills
- play more than 3 maps (if possible)
- not racist (trolls fit in this too)
- fun with a good personality
- mature
- good sense of humor
- loyal
- no smurfs; main accounts only. if you have other accounts, you are more than welcome to apply in them too.
- must be clean (as in, no point trading/map abusers/etc.)
- fair player
- not a cheater,deleter

If you think you fit into those requirements and are interested, then you are more than welcome to fill an application, just copy the question in the link below, make a new thread with the answers, and our team captains will review it:


Thanks for your time and good luck!

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